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GeneView is a software tool that allows the visualization of genetic sequence data. The data to be visualized are taken from the GenBank of NIH (National Institute of Health), an annotated collection of publicly accessible DNA and RNA sequences.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : IDE
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 131

DavkaWriter is the premiere Hebrew word processor for Windows, featuring full support for nikud and trop. It can handle everything from short documents and memos to full-length books and articles. It contains a wealth of powerful tools that make it easy to create complex Hebrew or English documents, complete with text boxes, footnotes, multiple columns, drop caps, and graphics.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Languages
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 126

With Tangia, students learn vocabulary through a study of English words with Greek and Latin etymologies, of which 80-85% of the more difficult English words are composed. With each set of key prefixes and roots, students move through eight different learning modes, culminating in a challenging game at the end. One or two students can log in at each computer station and full data tracking exists for all of their scores. There are two units (Greek and Latin) with 10 lengthy parts in each.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Languages
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 122

Letv Downloader
Letv Video Downloader is a free program that enables you to download videos from You can copy the download URL and paste it on the drop basket and the program downloads it. If the downloaded video might consist of several segments it can merge the segments into a new single file.
Update : 18-Apr-17 | Category : Internet & Network
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 155

Wat Downloader

Wat Downloader

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Wat Video Downloader is a program that allows you to to download Flash videos from You can input the URL from the video website that you want to download and click the download button. It can play the downloaded video, show downloaded history and search video.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Internet & Network
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 166

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is a simulation package for engineering applications. It comes with SIMULINK, which is a graphical tool for designing electrical and mechanical control systems. You can also use it for programming Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Controllers.
Update : 18-Feb-17 | Category : Science Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 121

American Contractor
Maxwell Systems„¢ American Contractor„¢ is a versatile project management and construction job cost accounting software solution that helps construction businesses efficiently and profitably manage proposals, projects, financials, workforce, equipment, service, and procurement/inventory. Leveraging this solution, contractors are equipped to achieve operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased profits.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : General
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 133

PDF Pro 10
The all-new PDF Pro will revolutionize the way you work with PDF files. PDF Pro makes it easier than ever before to create and edit PDF files, enabling you to distribute high-impact and engaging communications.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Office Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 140

EBook AzwSoft DRM Removal
EBook DRM Removal by AzwSoft is designed to remove all kinds of eBooks€™ drm. It contains Adobe EPUB DRM removal, Adobe PDF drm removal, Kindle DRM removal, Nook drm removal, and it€™s All-In-One. It supports a lot types of ebooks, such as EPUB,PDF,AZW,AZW3, MOBI,PRC and other ebook formats.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Office Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 159

PixelPlanet PdfPrinter
PixelPlanet PdfPrinter is a program that allows you to create PDF documents from any Windows application via a printer driver. The program has Microsoft Office integration (MS Office 2000 and above), PDF/A compatibility (for archiving purposes) and Office support (bookmarks, tables of contents).
Update : 15-Apr-17 | Category : Office Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 123