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MIQUEST (Morbidity Information Query and Export Syntax ) is a methodology and an approach to common data access which enables enquirers to execute queries and extract data from different types of general medical practice computer systems using a common query language. It has been endorsed by the NHS Executive as the recommended method and therefore adopted as a standard, for this purpose. MIQUEST can meet the requirements of Primary Care data analysis and support the Primary Care agenda by providing current clinical data concerning, for example, prevalence of morbidities and changes over time, progress towards health gain targets for specified groups (e.g. in support of Health Improvement Programmes), outcomes for patients with specified illness, and monitoring of at-risk groups.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : General
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 122

Photo Screensaver Maker
Photo Screensaver Maker is a tool to help you make your own slide-show screensavers with photos, music and text captions. You can add any pictures (.jpg,.gif,.bmp,.png,.tif,.tga or .pcx ) and import audio files(.mp3,.midi or .wav) as background music to your creation. You can also add caption for each picture and select various transition effects for your screensaver. Then make a windows standard screensaver(.scr) or self installing screensaver(.exe).Additional customization features include the option to preview screensaver at any time, choose background colors, set the slide-transition time,turn sound on or off etc as you like.
Update : 6-Dec-16 | Category : Screensavers
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 118

WaveLab LE
WaveLab LE provides an insight into the world of audio mastering and lets you add a more professional, commercial touch to your recordings. You can create fades, edit tracks, change loudness levels or analyze the frequency spectrum. WaveLab LE offers a basic setup that enables you to record stereo material on two tracks with up to 96 kHz in 32-bit floating point resolution.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Music Production
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 175

Espresso ELN
Espresso ELN is a fully featured chemistry electronic lab notebook (ELN), combining simple and intuitive handling with state of the art and beyond interface and functionality. It is suited for all organization sizes and needs, ranging from universities to big pharma.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Science Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 123

soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Reader
The Free, Fast, and Easy Way to Read and Annotate PDF Documents!
Update : 6-Dec-16 | Category : Office Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 131

ATEasy is a test executive and a rapid application development framework for functional test, ATE, data acquisition, process control, and instrumentation systems. ATEasy provides all the necessary tools to develop, deploy and maintain software components - including instrument drivers, test programs, user interfaces, as well as a complete and customizable test executive. It is designed to support and simplify ATE system applications with long product life cycles. With ATEasy, test applications are faster to generate and easier to maintain.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : IDE
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 136

WebStart is a tool to keep track of your Internet pages. You can click on a menu at get access to your favorite Web sites just by clicking in the menu - WITHOUT HAVING STARTED YOUR BROWSER. Webstart makes it easy to store the Web pages by clicking a button or maintain them in a userfriendly screen.A tool you must have in addition to your browser.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : General
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 125


Agent 6.0.1186

CA, Inc. - - comments
Agent is a powerful and easy-to-use newsreader. It allows you to browse newsgroups both online and offline. It also allows you to send and receive email. It includes powerful regular expressions for watch and kill filtering. IN ORDER TO USE THIS SHAREWARE, A KEY MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE WEBSITE LISTED ABOVE.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : E-mail Tools
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 128

Corel AfterShot Pro
AfterShot Pro 2 is a RAW converter, non-destructive photo editor and complete high-speed photo manager in one. Whether you€™re batch processing thousands of RAW images, or making detailed adjustments to your latest prize-winning shot, AfterShot Pro 2 gives you the tools to quickly take complete control over every aspect of your photo workflow.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Viewers & Editors
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 137


flOw 8.0.22

Jenova Chen - 172 KB - comments
flOw is a simple game for Win32 based machines based on a cellular automata algorithm which mimics the properties of a liquid. It is not a game with an object or goal, but it is rather more like a toy which exists merely to be fiddled with. Obstacles can be changed in real-time, with the liquid responding accordingly.
Update : 1-Feb-16 | Category : Games
System : Windows | Language : | Downloads : 182